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WYPALL® X60 Pop-up Poly Bag Wipers, Industrial Cleaning Cloths

WYPALL® X60 Pop-up Poly Bag Wipers, Industrial Cleaning Cloths

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WYPALL® X60 Pop-up Poly Bag Wipers deliver the absorbancy of Hydroknit™ technology in lightweight, versatile dry cleaning wipes for multi-purpose use around the workplace.

These strong cleaning cloths are suitable for general cleaning tasks and are absorbent for wiping a variety of surfaces.

Soft and gentle in texture means they are also suitable for wiping delicate surfaces. WYPALL® X60 cleaning wipes can be used to effectively absorb spills, apply liquid-based products and polish stainless steel and glass.

These cleaning cloths can also scrub off adhesives and remove oil and debris.

The flexible nature of WypAll® X60 single sheet wipers makes them suitable for precision cleaning and cleaning tight corners on machinery.WYPALL® X60 single sheet wipers dispense one wiper at a time ensuring the user touches only the wiper they use promoting good hygiene in the workplace.

The portable, self-dispensing poly bag allows for easy transport and helps to protect the cloths from contamination.

Certified by HACCP International.

Each carton of WYPALL® X60 wipers contains 12 poly bags, each containing 115 white, industrial cleaning cloths.

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