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WYPALL® X50 Small Blue Roll Wipers

WYPALL® X50 Small Blue Roll Wipers

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WYPALL® X50 blue roll wipers are designed for multipurpose use in a range of workplaces, including workshops, maintenance and healthcare and are an ideal replacement for waste rag or tea towels.

These cleaning wipes are also endorsed by HACCP International for use on surfaces in contact with food. Blue, the universal colour for disposable items in food preparation, increases the visibility of the wipers and makes them ideal for everyday use in food preparation areas.

The large unperforated blue roll can be accessed from a wall mounted dispenser within the workplace for efficient access.

The WYPALL® X50 small blue rolls are compatible with KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL® small roll wiper dispenser in white (KC4915D). 

Each carton contains 4 rolls of 70 metres of large blue roll wipers, 280 metres in total.

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