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WYPALL® X50 Reinforced Single Sheet Blue Wipers

WYPALL® X50 Reinforced Single Sheet Blue Wipers

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The WYPALL® X50 range of wipers are made with 4-plys of tissue which traps dirt and absorbs liquids fast.

Plus they are reinforced with an additional layer of scrim, which wet or dry provides greater durability, making these wipers ideal for light to medium duty tasks involving grim and scrubbing. 

Single sheet dispensing ensures the user touches only the wiper they use promoting good hygiene in the workplace as well as limiting waste and overuse.

Measuring 32.5 x 49 cm these large sized wipers enable you to achieve more with one wiper as well as being suitable for covering or protecting surfaces.

These Wipers are certified by HACCP International and are compatible with KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL® wiper dispenser (KC4927D) in smoke acrylic. 

Each carton of WYPALL® X50 Reinforced single sheet, blue wipers consists of a box of 250 wipers, each measuring 32.5 cm x 49 cm.

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