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KLEENEX® Optimum Hand Towels

KLEENEX® Optimum Hand Towels

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Each pack of KLEENEX® Optimum hand towels contains large folded towels, designed to be the optimal size for single sheet hand drying. Each paper towel delivers absorbency performance with every use.

Uplift your facility's experience with the trusted and familiar KLEENEX® brand, designed to deliver an unrivaled experience whilst supporting high workplace hygiene standards.
KLEENEX® Optimum hand towels are designed to be the optimal size for single sheet hand drying.
Using just one sheet during each hand drying experience ensures the user touches only the towel they are using, promoting good hygiene in the workplace. And the single sheet dispensing can help to reduce waste and overuse.
With a luxury feel and soft texture combined with absorbency, these hand towels provide a premium experience for the user.

These KLEENEX® hand towels are suitable for use in washrooms but also lunchrooms and kitchens. KLEENEX® hand towels are proudly made in Australia, FSC® certified.

These paper hand towels are compatible with Kimberly-Clark Professional® Optimum Towel dispensers in Aquarius® Optimum towel dispensers in white (70250) and black (70001). Metal (4944) and stainless steel (4950) finishes are also compatible.
Each carton contains 20 packs of 120 hand towels.
Individual sheet size: 30.5cm x 24cm.
Code: KC4456
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