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KLEENEX® Sanitiser Floor Stand (11430), Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Stand

KLEENEX® Sanitiser Floor Stand (11430), Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Stand

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Uplift your washroom experience with the trusted and familiar KLEENEX® brand, designed to deliver an unrivalled experience while supporting high workplace hygiene standards. Giving your guests and employees hand sanitiser on-demand can be an important part of your overall wellness strategy.

The KLEENEX® Sanitiser Floor Stand is designed to hold 1.2 litres of hand sanitiser (KLEENEX® Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitiser (6493)) when used with a compatible dispenser so you can offer a hand hygiene solution wherever you most need it.

This floor stand is perfect for use where wall mounting is not appropriate and is compatible with dispensers that automatically dispense the santiser, keeping hands clean and helping to improve hygiene in high-traffic areas, such as offices, hotels and leisure facilities. Pack includes base, 3-piece pole, mounting plate, and hardware.

The dispenser floor stand is adjustable and portable, with the 3-piece pole enabling short, medium and tall soap dispenser presentation.

Assembled dispenser measures 450 x 1460 x 450mm.Compatible with KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL® WINDOWS Electronic, Touchless Dispenser in white ABS plastic (KC92147D) and chrome finish (KC11329D). 

These dispensers are capable of holding both KLEENEX® Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitiser (KC6493) and SCOTT® Luxury Foam Antibacterial Hand Soap (KC34614).

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