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KLEENEX® Luxury Foam Hand Soap

KLEENEX® Luxury Foam Hand Soap

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Uplift your washroom experience with the trusted and familiar KLEENEX Brand, designed to deliver an unrivaled experience while supporting high workplace hygiene standards.

The everyday formula of KLEENEX® Luxury Foam Hand Soap effectively cleans your skin and is certified by HACCP International. This luxurious foaming soap is free from fragrances and dyes and is suitable for frequent hand washing.

These high capacity 1.2L cartridges help to minimize the risk of running out, and their sealed format protects the soap prior to use.

KLEENEX® Luxury Foam Hand Soap is dispensed electronically and touch free for a more hygienic solution.

This reliable, controlled soap dispensing method also helps to control usage. For easy maintenance, lights on the automatic soap dispenser indicate when the soap or battery is low.

These electronic dispensers are available in white (KC92147D) and metallic (KC11329D).

Each carton of KLEENEX® Luxury Foam Hand Soap consists of 2 foam soap refill cartridges.

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