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Kleenex® Flushable Wipes

Kleenex® Flushable Wipes

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Kleenex® Flushable Wipes Fragrance Free

Kleenex® Flushable Wipes – Fragrance free & Lightly Fragrance

Often, dry toilet paper alone doesn't provide a good enough clean. That's where Kleenex® Flushable Wipes come in. These lightly moistened wipes are great for the whole family.

Our flushable wipes are: 
Fragrance Free
Dermatological tested
Flush a maximum of two wipes at a time. Wipes only suitable for use in properly maintained sewerage systems and commercial septic systems.

42 Wipes per Pack, 10 Packs per Carton
Codes: KC71829 & KC71830
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